Boom Customs' experienced team is ready to file your customs declarations for you, as well as provide advice and training at the same time. Here are a few examples of what we can do for you.

Our consulting services

  • Setting up customs processes

    The way you have set up your EU-UK trade largely determines which customs obligations you face. For example, if you ship DDP, you are considered the UK importer as well. That means you have to register for customs and VAT purposes and you have to start filing VAT returns periodically. If you both import goods from and export goods to the UK, you can avoid import duties by using certain customs regulations. Surely, you can find out these things yourself, but you can also get the help of one of our specialists.

  • Determining commodity codes

    A crucial element in a customs declaration is the commodity code (HS code) of your products. All conceivable products can be classified in a detailed system of 8- to 10-digit codes. The HS code determines which import duties and additional obligations apply to your products. If you have the wrong HS code, you will end up paying either too much import duty (a waste of money) or too little (risk of retrospective taxation and fines). Our experienced experts can help you determine the correct HS codes for your products.

  • Origin and import duties

    The European Union and the United Kingdom have signed a free trade agreement that allows products produced in the EU to be imported into the UK without paying import duties and vice versa. But this exemption is subject to rules, and they are complex. Our experts know exactly which rules apply and which do not. They can help you qualify for exemption and avoid nasty retrospective duties.

  • Customs training services

    Make sure your organisation has sufficient in-house knowledge about customs. Even if you rely on an external partner, it is important to build up customs knowledge yourself, so that you can make sure your organisation complies with all customs rules from the very beginning. Our experts offer several training courses to help with this, such as a basic training for employees who will be dealing with customs incidentally, or more in-depth training for colleagues who play a pivotal role in customs compliance.

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