From the UK to the Netherlands

Are you importing goods from England, Scotland or Wales? You will then have to file a declaration with both UK and Dutch customs.

Exporting goods from the UK

Before goods may leave the UK, you should apply for permission to export goods to the Netherlands. Customs may want to inspect the goods. If your export declaration is approved, the carrier must enter all export documents and the vehicle identification details in the Goods Vehicle Management System (GVMS). The GVMS system will then generate a unique number which allows for a quick flow towards the ferry.

Are you entering the EU via Calais?

If your carrier goes to Calais via the Eurotunnel or ferry, he needs a T1 transit document. This allows him to continue driving to the Netherlands without any delays. If the goods enter the EU via the Eurotunnel, the carrier must register the shipment with French customs by means of an entry summary declaration, called ENS.

File import declaration in the Netherlands

While the goods are in transit, you can file a 'pre-import declaration' with Dutch customs, announcing to customs that you want to import the respective goods from England. Upon arrival in the Netherlands, the final import declaration must be filed and customs may want to inspect the shipment.

Boom Customs is here to help

Importing from England requires the necessary knowledge of Dutch and UK customs regulations. These include permits, a guarantee, access to the Dutch and British declaration systems, export declarations and notifications at ports in England, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. We offer you all the support you need and help you meet all customs requirements in both the Netherlands and the UK. That’s what we call efficiency.

Don't forget the import duties

When importing into the European Union, you may have to pay import duties. This depends on the nature and origin of the goods.

The person responsible for the export and import declaration depends on the delivery terms (incoterms) agreed upon by the buyer and seller. We recommend negotiating FCA or DAP delivery with trading partners instead of EXW or DDP.

Exceptional customs obligations

Additional obligations apply to some goods such as animal products, plants, vegetables, fruit, steel, alcohol and military goods. We will be happy to advise you on the necessary certificates and documents.

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