Foodstuffs and plant products

Exporting and importing foodstuffs and plant products is particularly complicated. Luckily, Boom Customs is the export and import specialist for these products and will coordinate the entire process on your behalf.

Additional requirements upon import

Products of animal origin and unprocessed plant products are in many cases subject to additional requirements when imported into the EU or UK. This is because these products may pose an increased risk to the public health and the environment. In most cases, these products require the following steps:

  1. The exporter applies for an export health certificate or phytosanitary certificate.
  2. The importer pre-notifies the incoming shipment to the importing country's health authorities.
  3. Upon arrival in the EU or UK, the carrier must go to an inspection post. The inspection authority will then issue a certificate that the goods can enter the country.
  4. After inspection, one must file the import declaration containing the proof of admission.

Boom Customs is here to help

We help companies with e.g. registration with the health authorities, advice on how to draw up certificates, taking care of pre-notifications to the importing country's inspection authorities, organising the inspection and filing the import declaration. Furthermore, we also take care of all contact with the necessary authorities throughout the entire process.

In the EU, strict authorisation requirements for products of animal and plant origin apply since the first day of Brexit. In the UK, however, these requirements are gradually being introduced, but full import obligations will apply there as well from the beginning of 2024. Please note that the requirements in the EU and the UK are not the same. We strongly recommend that companies are well prepared and should look for advice in time. Find out more.

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