Partner in customs for logistics service providers

As a logistics service provider, you may not have your own customs department. Follow the example of many other carriers and forwarders and contract Boom Customs as your dedicated customs agent.

Boom Customs is your partner in customs

We are here to help you and your customers with all necessary customs obligations in the Netherlands and in the UK. Because we are operating in both countries, you only need to work with one partner in customs, instead of two. When you submit an order, we will provide you with the Dutch export declaration and the British import declaration in one go. Do you also serve customers in other EU countries? We can also take care of export and import declarations for them in the Netherlands.

We know very well what is important to logistics service providers and we like to be proactively involved. We relieve you of your worries by dealing directly with your customers, if that is what you would prefer. Thanks to our short lines of communication and fast collaboration, you reap the benefits by spending less time on customs matters, while your wheels keep spinning.

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