New regulations in UK for the import of animal and plant products

From January 2024, stricter rules will apply in the UK for the import of so-called veterinary and phytosanitary (SPS) products. The rules are partly comparable to the rules that apply in the EU for the import of these products, but the UK does apply a number of simplifications.

The import requirements will depend on the risk that the products pose to human and animal health. The British government distinguishes the following categories:

  • High risk: This category includes live animals and certain plants for planting. A health certificate (animal origin) or phytosanitary certificate (plant products) is required for the import of these products. The products must be pre-notified to the relevant authorities and upon arrival in the UK, a large proportion of shipments are subject to an inspection at a border control post.
  • Medium risk: this includes many meat products, egg products and ‘raw’ dairy products. These products require a health certificate and pre-notification and a small number of shipments will have to go to a border control post for inspection upon arrival in the UK.
  • Low risk: this category includes many composite products (part animal, part vegetable) and processed animal products. These products do not require a health certificate and in principle they are not checked at a border control post. However, a prenotification is necessary, as is already the case.
  • Goods that fall outside the scope of the SPS rules: this applies, for example, to composite products with less than 50% animal elements and to processed vegetable products. No special import requirements apply to these products.

Do you trade plant products or products of animal origin from the EU to the UK? Please contact Boom Customs for advice on the requirements that will apply to your products. Boom Customs and Boom Transport offer complete support for traders in animal and plant products. We arrange transport, customs declarations in NL and UK, pre-notifications with health authorities, inspections at border control posts and all associated contacts with the authorities.

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New regulations in UK for the import of animal and plant products
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