Tightened controls on statements on origin in EU-UK trade

Both British and Dutch customs have recently been conducting more audits to assess whether importers correctly claim exemption from import duties (in customs terms: preference) when importing products from the EU or the UK.

The EU and the UK concluded a free trade agreement in 2020 just before Brexit day 1. Under that agreement, goods produced in the EU can be imported into the United Kingdom and vice versa without paying import duties. But there are some requirements:

  • If requested, the importer must be able to provide evidence that the goods comply with the rules for exemption from import duties.
  • The seller must have included a correct statement on origin on the commercial invoice.

In practice, traders often do not meet these requirements. Sellers regularly include incomplete, incorrect or no origin statements on their commercial invoices. And many importers claim exemption from import duties in their import declarations without having verified with their supplier that the products actually meet the exemption requirements. This may lead to additional import duties. Therefore, make sure that you do proper due diligence well up front if you are a European company importing from the UK or vice versa.

Boom Customs has extensive knowledge and experience with the complex rules of origin in the free trade agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union. Avoid unpleasant surprises and contact us so that our specialists can advise you on the correct application of the rules of origin.

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Tightened controls on statements on origin in EU-UK trade
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